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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update – 04/07/2020

Aldenham Golf Club – Return to Golf

Phase 3 – effective from 4th July 2020

The safe return to golf is still the number one priority and members are reminded of the following which is still in place as we move into phase 2 of our Return to Golf;

  • All tee times must be pre-booked and include names of all players within any given group.
  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your team time.
  • Wash hand or use sanitiser regularly.
  • Maintain social distancing at all times, ensuring 2 metre from other people at all times.

We will be restarting the bar and catering service at the club from Saturday 4th July in-line with updated government guidance. With the clubhouse refurbished still a few weeks from completion this will initially be an outside service only. Tables and chairs will be set up on the grass area at the rear of the clubhouse. The service will initially run from 11:00am-Close each day and this will amended as necessary over the coming weeks with the offering available enhanced as more clubhouse facilities become available to us.

Whilst the service is limited to outside only, in the event of inclement weather, there will not be sufficient sheltered area for people to escape the rain. Golfers are advised to keep their umbrellas close by or return to their cars. Service could be temporarily stopped at the discretion of the management team in this circumstances.

Whilst the clubhouse is out of use, including the kitchen, the offering will be limited to the following;


Bottled lager and cider Draught IPA Canned/bottled soft drinks Wine

Limited Spirit Selection Tea/Instant Coffee


Crisp and nuts Wraps Sandwiches Cake

Regrettably at this time we will not be able to offer a hot catering service.

Seating and Ordering System

  • The tables will be number from 1 to 20 each table will seat a maximum of 4 people. Please do not move tables or add additional chairs as we have set the area up to encourage social distancing. We are operating a table only system, no standing groups are permitted. If you are purchasing drinks to take out onto the course, please ensure that they are not consumed around the clubhouse unless you have a table.
  • Tables are to be filled in strict number order. Once you have a table number proceed to the order window located at the end of the conservatory. Take note of the markings on the ground when queuing.
  • When placing your order you will be asked for your table number and your tee time. This enables us to monitor and record everyone on site for any given day. We have to keep a record of everyone using the facility and preserve this for 21 days to assist with track and trace should the need arise. We will be using the tee sheet to make this part of the process as easy as possible so it is even more important that the tee sheet bookings are made in the correct names.
  • Once your order has been placed, and paid for either by bar card or contactless, your order will be delivered to the table by a member of the team.
  • Repeat orders can be placed in the same manner but if there is a long queue then please remain at your table until it shortens.

    Maximum occupancy and demand

The maximum number of people we can accommodate at this time is 80. This is the basis of our risk assessments and our safe working practices.

Initially, from 4th to 10th July, tables will be available for golfers only, anyone arriving to the club without a tee booking will not be able to get a seat. This is to enable us to assess the demand for seating over the first week of re-opening.

Based on the number of tables, and assuming that every playing group who leaves either course requires a table, you should have your table for at least 1hr before all tables are taken. In the interest of fairness, if a group leaves the course requiring a table and there are none available, the tables who has been seated the longest will be asked to finish their round of drinks and make their table available.

Until we know what the level of demand will be it is impossible to determine whether this will need to happen. To avoid having to stipulate a blanket limit on the number of drinks per person or indeed set a time limit per table we felt that this would be the fairest system. If there are tables available, then you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want. If you are asked to make your table available for others, I would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation.


As with all stages of the re-opening we need the support of the members and guests to ensure that our Return to Golf continues in the right direction and we are not forced to take any backward steps.

The team on duty will be responsible for ensuring that social distancing is adhered to on site and that all aspects of our safety policy are enforced. The management team have the authority to enforce the policy and if necessary ask members or guests to leave the premises if they feel that the actions of individuals could put other club users of members of the team at risk.

Whilst we appreciate that we have all been waiting eagerly for the bar to reopen members and guests are reminded of the club’s expectations with regards to behaviour standards when it comes to alcohol consumption. As per the Club rules bad behaviour and/or language will not be tolerated and the management team have the discretion to take action as necessary in the event of this.

Risk Assessment and Safety System

A full risk assessment has been completed ahead of re-opening and a summary of the key points are shown below;

  • More regular cleaning of seating area and toilet facilities will take place throughout the day.
  • Team members and club users are encouraged to wash hand regularly or use hand


  • Only contactless payment or member cards will be taken for payment at this time.
  • Only disposable drinks containers will be used.
  • Members are requested to place used drinks containers/rubbish in the bins provided to

    reduce the need for staff to handle waste. Bins will be located around the seating area.

    Bruno, Tom and the food and beverage team are looking forward to welcoming you back for a post golf drink. It’s been a long time coming.


PHASE 2 – Effective  from 6th June 2020

The long-awaited return to 3 and 4-balls will be effective from Saturday 6th June.  In order for this to be set up in the system ALL bookings made from 6th June onwards will be deleted from the tee sheets and members will need to re-booked in either 2,3 or 4-balls from Monday 1st June when the 10 day window will be re-activated.  The booking window has temporarily been reduced to 5 days to allow us time to setup the tee sheet for 4-ball golf, and will return to 10-days from Monday.

Weekend morning tee time intervals will be increased back 8 minutes on the Church Course, as per the rest of the week, and we would request members are prompt on the tee and start in a timely manner to ensure the course flows well.  2-balls have flowed round the course very nicely, please make every effort to ensure that 4-balls do the same.  You can help with this by not teeing off before your tee time, even if the group ahead is out of sight.

From Saturday 6th June member guest rules will also return to normal, as outlined below;

Monday to Friday and Weekends after 12:00          3 guests per member

Weekend Mornings before 12:00                                 1 guest per member

In response to some very positive feedback from members about the pace of 2-ball golf we will be trialling a 2-ball only period each morning between Monday and Friday on both courses between the times 7:00am and 8:00am.  This will allow a “quick” round of golf for those who want to get out early and have the rest of the day for work or other commitments.  3 and 4-ball bookings can follow after these times.  This will be effective from 8th June.

As the changes to social gatherings has only increased to allow up to 6 people to meet socially, and therefore allowing 4-ball golf, we are still at this stage not able to re-instate swindle, roll-up and section times as this would encourage groups activities in excess of what is permitted.  This will be reviewed with each forthcoming update.

Competitions/Qualifying Scores

We are aware that members are very keen to start submitting qualifying cards and for competitions to begin.  We are in discussions with the committees as to how we can start these again in the coming weeks using revised sign-in and scorecard procedures to ensure player safety.  Our intention is to run some test qualifying stablefords during June with a view to restarting honours board competitions in July.  This of course is subject to any changes in restrictions which may be imposed and further details will follow.

As a starting point though, and with the World Handicapping System still due to begin in November, we will be accepting supplementary scorecards, in stableford format only at this stage, from Monday 1st June under the following procedure;

  1. Intention to submit a qualifying card must be made known to the person on the check-in desk prior to the start of your round who will fill out the supplementary scorecard book.
  2. Scores are currently only being accepted for rounds played off the yellow or red tees.
  3. A card must be completed and signed by a fellow member.  You must not swap cards and the player does not have to sign the card.
  4. The marker must ensure that card is completed with date, players name, handicap and is signed before submitting into the scorecard box outside the shop.  Please indicate clearing that this is a SUPPLEMENTARY SCORE.
  5. Cards not completed correctly or not returned will be entered as an NR.

Once again, I thank you for your support in helping me and the team facilitate the safe return to golf and Aldenham and please remember to PLAY SAFE, STAY SAFE

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