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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update – 29/05/2020

Aldenham Golf Club – Return to Golf

The safe return to golf is still the number one priority and members are reminded of the following which is still in place as we move into phase 2 of our Return to Golf;

  • All tee times must be pre-booked and include names of all players within any given group.
  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your team time.
  • Wash hand or use sanitiser regularly.
  • Maintain social distancing at all times, ensuring 2 metre from other people at all times.
  • Leave site immediately after you round, do not hang around the clubhouse or carpark. 

PHASE 2 – Effective 6th June 2020

The long-awaited return to 3 and 4-balls will be effective from Saturday 6th June.  In order for this to be set up in the system ALL bookings made from 6th June onwards will be deleted from the tee sheets and members will need to re-booked in either 2,3 or 4-balls from Monday 1st June when the 10 day window will be re-activated.  The booking window has temporarily been reduced to 5 days to allow us time to setup the tee sheet for 4-ball golf, and will return to 10-days from Monday.

Weekend morning tee time intervals will be increased back 8 minutes on the Church Course, as per the rest of the week, and we would request members are prompt on the tee and start in a timely manner to ensure the course flows well.  2-balls have flowed round the course very nicely, please make every effort to ensure that 4-balls do the same.  You can help with this by not teeing off before your tee time, even if the group ahead is out of sight.

From Saturday 6th June member guest rules will also return to normal, as outlined below;

Monday to Friday and Weekends after 12:00          3 guests per member

Weekend Mornings before 12:00                                 1 guest per member

In response to some very positive feedback from members about the pace of 2-ball golf we will be trialling a 2-ball only period each morning between Monday and Friday on both courses between the times 7:00am and 8:00am.  This will allow a “quick” round of golf for those who want to get out early and have the rest of the day for work or other commitments.  3 and 4-ball bookings can follow after these times.  This will be effective from 8th June.

As the changes to social gatherings has only increased to allow up to 6 people to meet socially, and therefore allowing 4-ball golf, we are still at this stage not able to re-instate swindle, roll-up and section times as this would encourage groups activities in excess of what is permitted.  This will be reviewed with each forthcoming update.

Competitions/Qualifying Scores

We are aware that members are very keen to start submitting qualifying cards and for competitions to begin.  We are in discussions with the committees as to how we can start these again in the coming weeks using revised sign-in and scorecard procedures to ensure player safety.  Our intention is to run some test qualifying stablefords during June with a view to restarting honours board competitions in July.  This of course is subject to any changes in restrictions which may be imposed and further details will follow.

As a starting point though, and with the World Handicapping System still due to begin in November, we will be accepting supplementary scorecards, in stableford format only at this stage, from Monday 1st June under the following procedure;

  1. Intention to submit a qualifying card must be made known to the person on the check-in desk prior to the start of your round who will fill out the supplementary scorecard book.
  2. Scores are currently only being accepted for rounds played off the yellow or red tees.
  3. A card must be completed and signed by a fellow member.  You must not swap cards and the player does not have to sign the card.
  4. The marker must ensure that card is completed with date, players name, handicap and is signed before submitting into the scorecard box outside the shop.  Please indicate clearing that this is a SUPPLEMENTARY SCORE.
  5. Cards not completed correctly or not returned will be entered as an NR.

Once again, I thank you for your support in helping me and the team facilitate the safe return to golf and Aldenham and please remember to PLAY SAFE, STAY SAFE

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